Keys Well Drilling Company

1156 Homer Street

St. Paul, MN  55116-3232

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Well Sealing
Wells & Pumps


Wells and Pumps

Keys Well Drilling Company has been a water well drilling contractor since 1890, in the fourth generation of drilling tradition.

Large diameter wells and high capacity pumps.

Service all makes of turbine and submersible pumps

Machine shop for all types of machining

Well development

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Pump Sales/Service

bullet    Large capacity pumps
bullet   Repair all makes of turbine & submersible pumps              
bullet    Machine shop for fast turnaroundKeys Pump Truck.jpg (32692 bytes)PT up.jpg (60303 bytes)


Drilling Equipment and Service Trucks

bullet    Seven (7) drilling rigs
bullet    Four (4) service rigs
bullet    Miscellaneous support vehicles/trucks
bullet    Three (3) portable grout machines
bullet    Compressors, generators and pumps for any development/testing requirements

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Drilling Capabilities

bullet    Cable tool
bullet    Mud rotary
bullet    Air rotary
bullet    Downhole hammer drilling
bullet    Drill thru casing hammer
bullet    Hollow stem augerR1.jpg (41503 bytes)


Monitoring Experience

bullet    Monitoring wells
bullet    Remediation Wells
bullet    Production recovery wells and pump systems
bullet    Landfill/Chemical spill contamination investigation
bullet    Soil venting
bullet    Aquifer testing/pumping tests
bullet    Piezometers
bullet    Borehole/Well abandonment
bullet    Methane release wells
bullet    Injection wells
bullet    Barrier wells
bullet    Well design/Drilling consulting

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bullet    Soil
bullet    Water/Product
bullet    Split spoon
bullet    Contaminated drill cutting containment
bullet    Contaminated water/fluid containment


Personal are OSHA trained to handle Level B work. Keys Well Drilling Company has worked directly with clients or engineers in construction wells to test for VOC, pesticides, landfill, methane, hydrocarbons, product and other contaminants.


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